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Antique Pair of Silver Berber Fibulae - TIZERZAI - with Glass and Enamel from Moroccomorocco, Berber Fibulaemorocco, Moroccan Jewelry



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Antique pair of silver berber fibulae from Morocco (Tiznit & Tafraout). The fibula, tizerzai, is made of silver, decorated with green and yellow enamels, peculiarities of the manufactures of Tiznit. and small beads of glass pastes. The triangle base is decorated with borders and appendages typical of the art of Granada, which had close relations with the Maghreb. They are an ornament of prominent women in clothing Berber, in the Anti-Atlas Morocco.Length : 18 cm (7 inches) Width : 10,6 cm (4,1 inches) Weight : 154 g, enamel

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