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gold, Dendritic Jasper White Tongue Pendant on Sterling Silver Necklace



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Sara Jewelry Design. This is a lovely, creamy white tongue of dendritic jasper. I took it and top-drilled it, then cemented in a sterling silver up-eye, to which I attached a sterling silver snap bail. I then built a simple 18-inch 1.5mm sterling silver chain necklace with a spring ring/chain tab closure. The jasper focal measures 64mmx26mm and is approximtately 6.42mm thick. It graduates from creamy white below to a cap of gold and brown and the most lovely midnight blue dendrites. This is a unisexual design, perfect for either gender and any occasion.I will ship this your way the next business day via insured USPS first class mail with at tracking ID number.Sara Jewelry Design. Your Design is Our Desire.MPIN NWPSS010817-01.983. SKU 01081701., unisex

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