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turquoise bracelet, Hank's Night In Santa Fe. BRACELET. Stunning Clay Jewelry that you'll wear again and again!



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"Hank's Night In Santa Fe" - BRACELET\rThe "Hank's Night in Santa Fe" clay jewelry set is as bold and beautiful as the skies of the Southwest! You're sure to turn heads with this beautiful set.\rThe turquoise heart with the soft yellow horse head is stunning against the backdrop of dark clay!\r\rThe bracelet measures 2" wide x 3" long and is curved to fit the wrist.\r\rPLEASE NOTE: Ribbon (shown in picture with bracelet) is SOLD SEPARATELY.\rMake sure you select either "with crystals" (crystals on pendant, earrings and bracelet) or "without crystals".\rThe Crowned Mare\u1d40\u1d39 line of jewelry is lovingly designed, hand-made and hand-painted in the State of Alabama by Charity M. Richey-Bentley, Owner of Crowned Mare\u1d40\u1d39 and The Horse Mafia\u1d40\u1d39. All designs, images and products are copyright of Crowned Mare\u1d40\u1d39, A Company of The Horse Mafia\u1d40\u1d39 2014. All rights reserved. Any redistribution or reproduction of part or all of the contents in any form is prohibited., cuff bracelet

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