Speed With Endurance

Legendary Coach Bill Squires and Boston University Coach Bruce Lehane present Speed With Endurance. Of Coach Squires, Arthur Lydiard said, “Once Americans ruled the world of marathoning. That’s when Bill Squires was coaching a group of runners choice in the Boston area. His group was what the Kenyans are today – totally dominating races around the country. Coach Squires is undoubtedly one of the greatest marathon coaches the US has ever seen and indeed one of the best in the world. I am glad to see that he has made his know-how available now in this book. I fully endorse his work and hope this would help revive the American distance running for many years to come.” November 2004, Boston, MA.

speed with endurance

Key Features of Book

1. Gradated Schedules: Theories about running may be great – but what are the right workouts, coach? This book provides exact workouts on a day by day basis which you can use according to your stage of development. Progression and recovery are built into the workouts.

2. Systematic Training: You need an overall plan of development that will take you through not just a week or a month of work, but full years. Training and racing needs to be coordinated in patterns that build upon one another in harmony with your capacity to benefit from work done.

3. Guided Trainig Diary: Our book is done in a diary format which allows you to compare the workout that you do on the same page as the prescribed workout. Inbuilt feature of Energy Index provides objective feedback that helps you to analyze how well you are handling work, monitoring recovery and progress.

4. Alpha Base: The first step in the conditioning process – frequently ignored, often under used, but indispensable for long term success and well being. Often times, ignoring this fundamental step will undermine the athlete’s best efforts and lead to frustration, confusion, and failure.

5. S.W.E.P. : The tried and true training regime that creates speed with endurance, making possible high achievement on the roads, on the track, in cross country, and in the marathon.

6. Specialized Race Training: To run your best at a specific distance, you need to tailor training to the special demands of the race distance, whether that is a mile, 5k, 10k, cross country, or marathon. In each instance detailed workouts, gradated to ability, are laid out to be used in pursuit of your best.

7. Movement within movement: How to benefit more from your weekly long run and how to make that long run seem to go by faster. One of the keys to racing success is to practice the skill of surges during stages of long runs. Our program guides you along as far as how many to do, when to do them, and how long to go for.

8. Hill Training: Hills play an important role in development. Many athletes think that running over a hilly course is all they need do. They don’t understand that hills can make major improvements to a runner’s skills. Let us show you how to incorporate hill training to get the most out of it.

9. Simulators: Learn how to run workouts that gear you for the precise demands of your most important race. Whether for the marathon, cross country, or track races, the simulators provide the finishing touch in pre race preparaton.

10. Strength and Flexibility Exercises: Improving your general physique not only improves your general appearance, if done correctly, it increases speed and helps protect against injury. Our book shows a spectrum of strength and flexibility exercises specially tailored for middle and long distance runners.

How To Use This Book

First, gain an understanding of the principles of our training system.

Read the explanatory sections of the first ten chapters of the book – especially the chapters on Annual Overview, Finding Your Training Level, Alpha Training, and S.W.E.P. This will give you a clearer picture of how we are approaching running development. Understand the principles of training first, then move onto the details, understanding that schedules are guidelines that are meant to be adjusted according to reactions.

Next, review the detailed schedules for runners of various levels first for the Alpha phase, then the S.W.E.P. phase, pre-race phases, and race phase. Our training schedules provide concrete guidance that help one to condition, temper, and specialize for race performance.

Use the Alpha phase for four to ten weeks.

Then proceed to the SWEP cycles at the same level that you were able to handle the Alpha phase and follow that for eight to ten weeks.

Then move to the pre-conditioning phase for the event that you want to specialize in. Follow that training until you are brought to peak race phase.

f you want to upgrade your training and racing scheme to a proven system that yields results on race day, then Speed With Endurance will show you how. Whether you are currently at the front of the pack or not, you will see improvement!